Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Living life on the edge

Life always looks better with a beautiful view ahead of us. It opens our eyes to the bigger picture and allows us to view the world in it's simplest, most breathtaking form. Somehow then, it's easier to breathe. Perhaps it is the way in which our feet still stand firmly grounded yet we are high, high above the living. Or perhaps it is the height and the freedom, the inhale and exhale of the lungs just seems that bit more powerful when we are towering above the familiar ground in unfamiliar space.
These were the thoughts running through my sometimes overactive mind while I was on a shoot last week. I wish I could write more. I could write page after page about this but for some reason the thoughts are just not translating to adequately phrased, elegant writing tonight.
I suppose if anything, I am learning more and more to live with a positive view of the future as opposed to a tentative fear of life. Afterall, life is, supposedly what we make it. There will always be certain things beyond our control but there are a great deal more that are always and absolutely in the palm of our hands. Time to start living.


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  1. I love these, love love love :) xxx