Sunday, 15 July 2012


It appears living alone in the house was nowhere near as easy and idealistic as I'd hoped for.

So yes. I desperately needed a break, so I packed a bag and went to London. I called my Grandparents who live just outside the city in Kent, and took the train out to stay with them. And here I still am. I have drunk plenty of tea and coffee, spent time with Amber (of course - this has been wonderfully brilliant), visited art museums, and even spent today in Dover. There is nothing quite like walking along the sea front with a good friend to clear the cobwebs away from your mind.

I decided to go see a few London agencies yesterday. I guess I'm feeling like I need a change of scenery, to adopt a new life for a while. So, we shall see the outcome of that within the next few days I hope.

I am ready for something to change.


  1. Exciting times, come over to the south side I'll look after you! xxx

  2. Tanya, my heart absolutely goes out to you. I'm reading something a little less peaceful to whats actually on this page. Maybe I'm wrong but I'm sending you all of my love and strength and support and hoping its enough. Here if you need me. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you <3