Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Back to reality...

Back to reality with a heavy thud. Although my reality this week does consist of coming back home to a bathroom each night which is absolutely and categorically non-functional. No lights, bath, shower, toilet.... We are having a new bathroom fitted, but whilst the workmen re-fit the floor or something similar, we do not even have a functioning toilet. I have seriously considered booking into a hotel for tomorrow evening. I am still considering this as a very real possibility. Life seems very unappealing without the simple pleasure (AKA requirement) for a shower...I do plan to pack an overnight bag in the morning. It is an unavoidable situation, so any anger or frustration would be an unproductive use of energy. But nevertheless, I am a highly exhausted and disgruntled inhabitant of my home right now.

Work has been busy today - this is how I have 'thudded' back to reality. I bumped into a tutor who came on the weekend away this weekend as we were both leaving University this evening. We shared a conversation that had an implicit and mutual understanding of exhaustion. But, nevertheless, exhaustion that stems from something good does tend to instill a (somewhat small) sense of energy too... I think tomorrow I shall try a little more to locate my energy rather than the part of me that must have a cup of coffee by my side all day long.

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