Thursday, 13 February 2014

To settle?

A mid-week post as the days just seem to pass me by recently. If I sit at a computer it is very intentional in that I sit to do some work or respond to emails that require a computer rather than a quick effort on my iPhone.

I have been spending some time in Durham staying with my sister, and spending a lot of time on either the train or in my car to and from various places. Living out of a suitcase has not been ideal, but change is always good in my books. Change prevents stuckness and it allows us to keep an open mind and open heart. There is nothing more stifling and constraining for me than enduring the same routine day in day out - the same people and the same places. The same roads, the same conversations.. There is something about familiarity that of course is homely and safe and habitual, but I hope that my soul has enough curiosity in it to never feed my habitual side so much so that I retreat and never come back. I said to a good friend recently that I don't think I am made to settle. Some people are, but I don't think I will ever simply 'settle'. As with everything, there is a balance, and the balance here is that it is, and always will be useful to keep the feet firmly on the ground, where ever the ground may be.

Back to the week - It is one of those weeks where anything and everything could and has happened. I just wonder what I will wake up to in the morning... There has been shows, late night travelling, early morning alarms, incredibly beautiful sunrises, snow, wine drinking, a lot of work, and some very, very wonderful people.

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