Monday, 24 February 2014

Pictures, shoots, and empty petrol tanks

I have only just sat down (with a cup of tea) to update my blog after the most hectic weekend I have had in a very long time. One day off in an entire month really is not enough (or maybe it is...). To echo the words a good friend sent me this weekend - we really should have a day in between Saturday and Sunday. That would be wonderful. It is Monday evening and I am positively ready for a good day off, but I must not complain - My life is so varied - it is all a choice and I wouldn't change any of it. Not at all. Today, for instance, I have been doing some research 'stuff', work with students, across town for supervision, and back to work with another student. Back to Harrogate via another student's house... and eventually back home. All on virtually an empty tank of petrol since I would have run the risk of being very late if I'd have stopped to fill the tank up. It is quite incredible how our bodies just keep going, no matter how full and overloaded the mind might be.

The weekend has been spent in Leeds tutoring and in Birmingham working on a hair shoot. I now have slightly shorter and slightly deeper red hair, which I am enjoying a lot. I have spent so much time at the University over the past few months that it was so good to be back in the studio, especially with a team of people I love working with. I do, however, have eye bags that leave a lot to be improved... and a pile of work that keeps mounting higher and higher.

I have some wonderful pictures of the past week or so that I have not yet shared..

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