Saturday, 22 February 2014

unplanned plans

Friday evening - One of those unplanned lovely evenings where you spontaneously decide to meet a good friend and also end up in the pub (at the table next to your tutors)... Not really as awkward as it sounds - not at all. It has actually been a really wonderful end to a week that can only be described as madness.

New tutoring students, research applications, important phone calls, birthdays of good friends, a lot of behavioural psychology - both learning and teaching about the behaviourists, Newton Faulkner evening and subsequent tour bus tour, good friends, a lot of driving and working, late nights, early mornings, sunrises and sunsets, many, many emails, research discussions, client case notes, finished off with my Friday. Student work, my clients, and then a catch up with my own tutor before a good couple of glasses of white wine.

And breathe... I now have 12 hours before I need to leave the house again. I fully intend to use them

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  1. It sounds like you've had a busy yet satisfying week - probably reminding you that it's good to fill life with things, because after all, time really does just slip away sometimes xx