Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Glasses, scarves, and energy

Today I managed to emergency stop (and skid) to avoid crashing into the back of an unsuspecting white BT van, I left my glasses on the coffee shop table, I left my scarf at the computer in the library, I lost wifi signal and couldn't respond to emails that I forgot I had already read, and I stayed out in York far too late and returned home even later. It is ironic that I feel more 'whole' and together today than I have done for a while, yet only today does my mind decide it is OK to start letting things get lost; that the universe will take care of them until I pick them back up.

On a positive note, I did share with people today my inner peace loving soul, and I experienced one of those eye opening moments of revelation. The kind that provides clarity and alters the way you view yourself within a situation. I also feel much lighter - the weight of the impending essay deadline is lifted, and the weight of the world is not so heavy. I must be bold and make a few changes in order to allow this kind of energy to continue...

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