Sunday, 16 March 2014

The double edged sword of perfectionism

I updated my Facebook status earlier this afternoon using the expression 'double edged sword' in the context of assignment writing and perfectionism. If I am certain about anything, it is that to my very core I am a perfectionist. It has both wonderful benefits and also costs me greatly. The trick is to use it in a way that means I can still achieve, and still live, but I don't somehow get my self concept or self confidence caught up in the picture. Then it becomes something a little more than I need.

The majority of today has been spent editing and referencing an assignment that has taken me a surprisingly long time to construct. There is something very challenging about editing an assignment when you know it will never be exactly what you need it to be (there's the perfectionist). At some point, I must put the books down and press submit, because this is like going round and round the same roundabout with no exit routes, and typical me, I am going round and round this roundabout at 100mph.

I took a break today.. So perhaps there have been exit routes afterall; at least temporary exit routes. Bryony and I went for a drive to the countryside and let the fresh air be exactly the medicine we needed. Now, back to the assignment and to relocate the final two references from which I seem to have lost the source... I always reach a point where my instinct tells me that the time is right to call it a day. I am still waiting for that moment!

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