Monday, 5 May 2014

three days of...

The first week of May has gone in a blur. This weekend has been one of those novel 'three day' bank holiday weekends where everyone around seems to indulge in weekends away or extended pub visits, and long Sunday afternoon walks and morning lie ins. I had quite a scare this week which resulted in a visit to hospital and a rather stark reminder that rest is not just a word, it has a purpose. It meant that I have spent the vast majority of this weekend comfortably at home, logging a lot of research hours, organising life, planning summer, and trying to schedule a week which hopefully does not end the same way that the last one did! Alongside transcribing and literature scoping I left the house once to teach, and again to enjoy a little sushi and wine. Both of which were most appropriate things to leave the house for.

So I sit on the sofa, half tempted to do a little midnight yoga but simultaneously knowing that I must rest before tomorrow begins. Tuesday is Uni day and usually that means energy is required. Positive energy and good coffee

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