Wednesday, 9 November 2011


Entitled '300' simply because this is my 300th post. Original, I know.
Today has been rather productive at uni. Finally feeling like I'm making progress, which I have to admit, is a wonderful feeling. To be acknowledged too, and to be told that you are a competent worker and good at what you do? Once accepting this, it's something to hold onto and a comment that means a hell of a lot when a self-belief battle is at hand.
I am currently sat at the train station waiting for my train to London, hot drink in hand and reflective head on my shoulders. Prime blogging time. Although I'm struggling to produce a worth-while post that isn't just the strange and wonderful ramblings of this mind of mine.
One thing I shall take note of - is something I am aware of more and more. The little things in life can make the world of a difference. Of course, we all know this to a smaller or greater extent. But I just realise that some of us are more sensitive souls. We are strong, but it's a delicate and fragile strength, not often recognised.
Train stations are reflective places. We have no choice but to wait. Let time pass, let people pass. And wait.. Often alone. The irony is that we are often in a rush to get to where we must be. In a race against time, but we are still waiting, standing still. Able to appreciate the smaller things that might otherwise pass us by.
One comment, one small gesture, one random stranger smiling as they pass you by, or the compliments you are able to accept rather than let your mind fight. The person-person ways of life.
I just appreciate it is all.
An appreciation of life as we know it.

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