Thursday, 17 November 2011


As the title suggests, I returned home this evening to find a lovely delivery from Amazon, with my new purchase of Florence and the Machine's new album - 'Ceremonials'
It has, of course, been playing on my iPod all evening. It's currently 3.20am so it's no longer playing. I am a good housemate, therefore I shall not wake them up from their sleep. But yes, all evening I have been listening to these beautiful tunes, just appreciating how lovely this entire album is. The music actually speaks for itself. What I am posting about, is within the 'adoration for Florence' context, but is more so to draw attention to the album art work and the incredibly beautiful shots in the cover book. I know Florence flies the flag for red heads, but oh my days. These shots are honestly lovely.

'I'm attracted to the idea of drowning, or rather the idea of jumping off and being enveloped by something not bad or good, just enveloping. When I was a kid, I had a moment when I got under the water, lying on the pool floor, and I felt I could breathe. I've been trying to recreate that feeling ever since.'
- Florence Welsh.

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