Monday, 28 November 2011

and back to reality

Only just back in the country and already I've somehow managed to feel knee-deep in uni assignments. No, waist-deep, if not deeper. So much work... Just so much work. University is not easy.
But I am doing what I do best and attempting to keep my head above water with it all. Time may not be on my side, but it is border-line impossible for my head to actually allow myself to fall behind so at least I can kind of rely on myself in that respect, to keep going. It isn't an option for me to screw this up, so I do not allow myself the choice. I will get this work done..

In other news, I just thought I should post a little update. Life in general.. This will predominantly read as though you are sifting through my thoughts as a pose to a more comprehend-able logical and rationalized structure. When I think.. for as much good as 'thinking' does, there isn't really all too much to say.
No, I have a life time of 'things' to say. Contrary to what some believe, my life time (as young as I may be..) actually has provided me with one hell of a lot of experience and knowledge. Far too much than I could ever need at my age. Far too much than I sometimes feel able to hold. But nevertheless I can't pretend otherwise. It upsets me when people insensitively and naively point their judgements, holding the belief that 'young people can't possibly have experienced enough to understand life.'

What makes any one being so 'powerful' and special enough that they should own the right to judge another? This not a plea of self-righteousness, just a thought that is constantly being provoked.

I shall sleep soon. And I really shall sleep well. Today I was working at a shoot in a freezing location just outside of Manchester. A huge country hall, no heating, no lighting. Just coldness, but lots and lots of beauty. Wonderful team, lovely client.. Lovely day. I am now eternally thankful for my hot water bottle, a hot shower, cups of tea, and my bed. Therefore I shall make full use of my bed until my alarm goes off in six hours to wake me up for uni. Tomorrow will consist of uni in the morning, followed by a tutorial, hopefully finishing my assignment, then travelling down to London.
Such is life.
Life is a crazy thing, but isn't it such a waste if we don't enjoy it?

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  1. You university work, and life in general, doesn't need to be the best, just good enough.
    Allow yourself that, because YOUR health comes first.
    Love you <3