Friday, 18 November 2011

a beautiful place

My research critique is finally completed and referenced and ready to be handed in tomorrow morning. At 3.30am, this feels like an achievement.
Body is exhausted.
Eyes are closing.
Mind is manically running away with itself.
Heart and soul are somewhere in-between.
I'm struggling to string together fully logical sentences, so these half-written statements shall have to be sufficient!
Today I went to uni, had a tutorial, worked through the rest of this assignment, and packed suitcase ready to jet off to Turkey tomorrow. Well, London tomorrow. The flight is an early Saturday morning one. I really am rather ready to sleep so goodness knows why I have decided to stay awake and write this post instead.

The top trend on twitter tonight is: 'It's a beautiful world because...'
This warms my heart.
It really is an incredibly beautiful world, and I get to see even more of it this week. I'm a blessed girl.
In fact, this twitter statement doesn't actually need to be completed. It is actually as true as the truth can be, just as it is. Why must we always justify our thoughts and views? Why can't we just say that the world is a beautiful place, because it just is. Left to interpretation. Surely if we begin to pick apart each wonderful thing in this wonderful world then we start to see the flaws and eventually these unknown aspects may not be a mystery and will not seem quite so beautiful any more. I, for one, would rather some things remained a mystery. I would rather stay a little naive to certain aspects. Let's not look for faults.
Perhaps this is my head in the dream-world talking.

Let's just appreciate the world for it's beauty and say no more.

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