Saturday, 26 November 2011

more warmth in a parcel

My epic Nan has been sweet and thoughtful and done it again - Returned home to another surprise parcel from Kent, which contained a lovely hand-knitted autumnal coloured scarf. Perfect for the coldness. Just cosy and brilliant and warm. I have written before - about how much I feel cared for and wrapped in love when I wear items of clothing that others have made for me. It's so cold in our house that I am wearing it as I type. I am wearing it and I feel happy. 
I do have lots of pictures from my travels to update, but for this moment in time I am just taking a little break from my Children's emotional development assignment to share this. I'm taking a break because I really would like another hot chocolate. (Caramel options I believe is the current favourite.) Also because my housemates are being unnecessarily loud. Anna - I can hear you and Ciara singing. It's beautiful. It really is full of light and soul and tune. However, your lungs are singing with rather a lot of power ;) 

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  1. Awww your house mates singing.... that is so cute! It’s like drunk Thai boys in the kitchen.... lots of noise, but gotta accept the cuteness!