Saturday, 10 December 2011

calmness after the storm

I shall never underestimate the power of spending time with close friends. The past couple of days have been somewhat calmer. Presentation was delivered (Which I hope went well..) and I have another presentation on Monday. More deadlines are approaching but not in the near future. By 'calmer' - what I mean is that I am not feeling that intense pressure. I am actually feeling blessed to have such love for my nearest and dearest. Similarly, I do not feel so blessed that time doesn't always allow me to see them half as much as I'd like. Nevertheless, when we do spend time together, it is wonderful. I am thankful for the small things and I'm probably right in thinking that I say this rather a lot.

If we cannot be thankful for the smaller things in life, then what on earth can we be thankful for?
Do we just hold out, waiting and endlessly, hopelessly waiting for the miraculous 'magical thing' to happen.. Just like that? Just because? That one thing that will make everything okay? That will make the world a better place? That will make us accept ourselves - see a new perspective? The one thing we wish for each morning and each night? The secrets and the hidden obsessions to be no longer clouding our mind?
No. Because will we ever be happy that way? Do we even know what that 'miracle' cure is??

Miracles don't quite happen in that crazy way.. Not in this world anyway. Perhaps there is another beautiful world in which life has an entirely different meaning. But in this world, life is very much real and we are very much alive. The meaning of that is yet to be defined. Subjectively and individually defined.
The world is moving, time is moving, and we are ever-changing and ever-alive.

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