Saturday, 24 December 2011

for the friends

It is probably quite clear from my post below that tonight has been spent baking cupcakes.
Ahh, the simple pleasures. Painting my nails glittery deep blue, scented candles, Bon Iver on my playlist, and baking.
Life is mostly far too crazy to find time to even call my best friends, never mind take an evening out purely to bake. But it's been great. My housemates are all away for Christmas so I've been able to really do whatever the hell pleases me. I'll be spending Christmas at home too; but just a rather minimal amount of time at home, not an entire week! Oh no. One day is sufficient.
So I have baked cupcakes for my family instead.
Today was spent with a couple of best friends from school. We went for lunch and coffee, and spent hours just catching up together. It was wonderful. I laughed..
In fact, we laughed together and it felt just lovely to be happy in the moment.

Sometimes we spend so much time worrying and living in the future, or just some place in our minds so much so, that we become out of touch with ourselves and the life we live. This future-land, the ideal place, or the imagined world slowly becomes our reality. Sometimes this works.. 'Escapism' - as some may call it. Others would say you're a 'dreamer', existing on earth with your head in the clouds, one cloud away from the rest of them with one foot barely touching the ground.

It's not a conscious decision, and it's certainly not a 'bad' thing. But sometimes it's just nice to live in the moment. For the balance.. and for the friends.

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