Monday, 12 December 2011


This weekend has been pretty nice. 'Nice' is such a bland and non-descriptive use of a potentially good word. But nice is what is has been, so therefore, I shall stick with it. Goodness knows where the time has gone. Life has taken the hours and turned them into dust, never to return. No, I do know. Time has been spent with good friends, plenty of tea and coffee, watching dance performances, catching up, and keeping out of the miserable coldness and rain that lingers outside.
It'll be a rather rude awakening when my alarm wakes my sleepy head up in approximately four and a half hours time. I have a 9am presentation tomorrow morning, presenting to the class my research proposal as it stands at the minute.
Call me a bit of a nerd but I'm quite excited at the prospect of this research. It has the potential to be pretty gripping and intriguing.
For now though - sleep. That would be nice..

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  1. "nice" is nice :)))) <3
    And good luck and I LOVE research <3