Monday, 2 January 2012

Hello new year

New years is a time for bringing friends/ family together to celebrate the year and welcome the new year in with hopes and wishes for all good things to come.
It has been a brilliant week to draw the year of 2011 to a finish. In fact, I decided to look through my diary of 2011, just as a little reminder of all I've done. It fills me with such happiness to see practically every day filled with something. Friends, trips away, jobs, shoots, classes, holidays, weekends, birthdays, celebrations, family, meeting new people, reminiscing with the old, re-kindling beautiful friendships, and welcoming new ones into my life.

Of course, life is uncontrollably up and down. But it's bloody difficult to look back on a year in this way and not feel overwhelmingly full of contentment. Full of life, full of love, and full of appreciation. Hopefully this is what the coming year shall continue to be. I don't like the word 'resolutions', but I've created a list of plans for 2012 - a little picture shall be posted soon.
New years celebrations - Began a couple of days ago with a family visit to the London family. We had a brilliantly festive time together. The lengthy drive was every minute worth the day we spent there. An afternoon walk through Hampstead Heath, the most wonderfully cooked Christmas lunch, followed by bringing the evening to a close with entire family games of charades and such-like accompanied with food, drinks, and plenty of smiles, laughs, and stories. Just lovely. It was sad to be missing my brother who's been out in New Zealand this year. He's been missed much more than we've even let him know. But nevertheless, it's been a great high to end the year with.

New years eve consisted of myself and three beautiful friends over at our house. We went out for dinner and cocktails before closing the evening with food, more wine, happiness, DVD's, and lovely conversation. Very chilled. Very 'us'. As I very often say - it's the simple things that bring colour and love to life.

Long may this positivity last.
Happy 2012.
'Wherever you go, go with all your heart.'
- Confucius

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