Monday, 16 January 2012


I don't seem to be being sent to castings and such at the moment so my life has been coffee, tea, revision... pretty constantly for the past week. It's not too bad. I mean, revision has to be done.. It's just ridiculously boring perhaps, when you own a mind that at times appears to have an entirely independent mind of it's own.
The psychology of child development..
Exam is tomorrow. And it's currently almost 10am and I am sat in the university library with a cup of tea just waiting. What am I waiting for? For 12pm tomorrow when the exam is over and I will have precisely thirteen days of a life completely university-free.
I love my course and subject, I do. But I have an over-active imaginative brain that cannot focus on this revision. So I find distractions. Lovely, lovely distractions to avoid the thought of failure. Reading books, watching films, indulging in a little retail therapy, planning my birthday (which is over four months away!)

Revision.. revision.. revision..

On a lighter (and somewhat happier note), it was my beautiful sister's 18th birthday this weekend and we had wonderful celebrations for her. Lots of champagne and a lovely dinner. Possibly may have slightly over-indulged. But that's okay. I am onto the home-made soups and herbal teas this week.

After this damn exam...
Ahhh. Someone provide me with either a photographic memory or just a whole load of motivation?


  1. Being in the library is something... shows the intention and potential for revision is there. :) Jen, you and me will get some good revision done this afternoon! Just doing the essay to hand it in before tutorial. xxxx

  2. You couldn't over indulge if you tried <3
    Glad you have had a lovely couple of weeks <3
    Deserved <3