Tuesday, 24 January 2012

people and life and us

Here I am, sat in starbucks. Standard blogging location.
Thinking about thinking.
I'm alone with a cup of tea surrounded by strangers, (mostly foreigners. In fact, I think I may just be one of the only English people in here) and I have the thought of people. People and life and us. I know the laws of living. 'They' say (by 'they', I am referring to the nameless 'wise ones') that people appear in our lives for a reason. We can accept this reason for whatever it may be. But 'they' never tell us why people leave. Why do they leave? I am only young yet I've experienced so many come, proceed to teach beautiful lessons, and subsequently leave. People are such powerful and valued aspects of human life. They leave because life takes us there. Because time says so. Because it's written in the stars, or whichever beautiful metaphorical justification seems most appropriate.
Let's freeze time and let's stand still.
We do have the gift of the moment and it is as beautiful as we let it be.

These are the random workings of my mind this afternoon.

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