Sunday, 8 April 2012

the coffee effect

Some fight for the beneficial effect that coffee apparently has on the mind/body health.
Others argue that it is a poisonous chemical filled drink of the devil.

I know both sides. I spent about a year on a rather strict caffeine ban with the hopes that I would experience some miraculous benefits, but the past month has seen me gently lift the caffeine ban. I must say I have greatly welcomed coffee back with delight and my arms as open as they possibly reach. Life is to short to waste it on silly illogical 'rules'. Why not live a little - give yourself the energy to do so with the assistance of a good cup of coffee every once in a while.

I must remind myself to go easy. Yesterday I had two extra-strength coffees one after the other. I stood up, took a walk around for a while.. sat back down, and I have not felt quite so horrendously awful for a while. The high of energy.. 'empty energy' as I like to call it, followed with an all time drop in all forms of energy I possibly had left in my body was almost too much to handle.Some strange disassociated state of existing in a planet of madness, of floating in air but flopping on the ground. Heavy head and light feet. Of course this wasn't just due to the coffee. I'm sure other things affected this too, but I really questioned why the hell I had two coffees like that. A moment of 'need/want' more energy and more rush. Followed with an experience that I'm not sure I'd like to experience again.
Must take things easy!

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  1. You need to take care Tanya.
    It really sounds like you are running on empty.
    Which is never pleasant.
    Please take care <3