Saturday, 21 April 2012

Ramblings of Friday

Currently about to attempt sleep and feeling a whole range of feelings. All intense yet unjustifiable emotions of the world all wrapped up, entwined together in one young mind. And here I am. It seems sensible to blame it on tiredness so that's what I shall do. I feel quite awful that the poor Starbucks barrista and the ticket man on the train were unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end of my little outbursts. Really, Tanya - tears over a drink? Really? Tears because the train is too full? These things don't even matter.

I think the doctor would order a little sleep. In fact, she doesn't. She is highly reluctant to prescribe me sleeping pills, so this is precisely what she will not order for me.

Ah, life. Strange thing.
On a positive note - the job I had this morning was lovely. Outdoors on location for a catalogue job on a knitwear shoot. Being outdoors meant that it was absolutely freezing cold, but I was kept as warm as possible and fed juice and malteasers :) it was peaceful and lovely with a small team and brilliant client. Kind of refreshing to work on a job with calming people and not feel under an immense amount of pressure.

I ended up taking a grand total of six trains today from home to the shoot to castings and back home again. I sometimes wish time would stand still for a while to give those of us who need it, time to breathe. Life can be suffocating if we forget to breathe.

Must renew my energy somehow!
Bon nuit

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  1. You know what I am going to say, so I will save it ;)
    Just in case you forget one day!!

    You do need to breath.
    You need to allow life to breath into you.
    You have so much within you and your life, that yes, you need to breath to get through it all <3