Saturday, 14 April 2012

for today

A wonderful friend of mine texted me while I was on the train going/coming back from somewhere on Thursday. At least I think it was Thursday.. It was castings or something. The entire week has blurred into one rather long day of one thing after another with abnormal patterns of sleep in-between. But hey, if that's what works..
Anyway, I hope she won't mind me sharing what she wrote in this text message. At the end of her message, these words were just absolutely what I needed to hear. And for some reason, reading them at that moment in time, I was able to take them on board.

'For today, we only need to think about this one day.'

Something either speaks to you or it doesn't, and these words most definitely do. I've noted them down at the front of my diary to remind myself in times when a little perspective and mindfulness would do some good. So thank you - to my friend, for your words. Proof of the power of words, kindness, and people.

In various other news - I appear to have bruised/damaged my heel from what I can only put down to too much walking!?
Worked on a shoot in The Cotswolds yesterday on a job for Skoda and met the most intriguing person. Most definitely makes for an interesting day - always, always meet new and crazy/lovely people in my job.
And - the fridge is broken (again). Which is not only incredibly frustrating and annoying, BUT pink lady apples with cinnamon just do not taste the same at room temperature.

La de da. So today has been spent doing a placement session and ticking off my 'to do' list. I shall write up some more placement report and then spend the evening watching suitably rubbish TV and being thoroughly entertained :)


  1. It is a rare skill to live in the present.
    I am more often reminded of it whilst away.
    When I can let go of my responsibilities and just be, I find myself very much in the moment.
    I guess the only frustration to that is the daily knock of responsibilities and the need for future planning.
    Life is beautiful and precious, and each moment needs savoring I do believe.
    Be good to you <3