Friday, 6 April 2012

miraculous cure for sleep-deprived over-thinking?

This thought has quite literally just cropped into my mind right about now.. As many seem to do in the early and lonely hours of the morning.

It's so easy for someone to say 'Don't let the pressure get to you.'

I guess it's intended to reassure or empathize. But oh my, it's so easy to say when the other is eternally, blissfully, and naively unaware. That's perhaps the way it should be. They must have a certain level of awareness, otherwise the word 'pressure' wouldn't have passed their lips. But really, to step into another's world like that, is not an easy task.
Well, the words almost are meaningless unless the context is fully understood. And if it were fully understood, it would be somewhat more difficult to say 'don't let it get to you'. The word pressure would have an entirely new meaning, and it would not be so easy to accept.

People mean well. Ninety-nine percent of the population mean well, (arguably) but sometimes words are nice but not enough. Random ramblings of my mind.. I really must figure out the miraculous cure for sleep deprived over-thinking. It's not doing me any good whatsoever. I surprise myself at my ability to function from day to day, albeit a little dazed and hazy at times, but sometimes bounded up with endless buzzing energy from somewhere :) I must be a little confusing for people to watch.

It's Friday now - Only two hours into Friday but it's a bank holiday and therefore, the end of the week. It's been a good one I think. I've done a fair amount of work on my assignments, confirmed three jobs, and conveniently avoided the hectic streets of town today by journeying over to Manchester for castings.

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