Tuesday, 12 June 2012

For Steff

Yesterday Steff and I both had a day off and were incredibly in need of a small injection of peace and tranquility. Of course, we cannot escape to the Bahamas for a day, but we are lucky enough to live a short train ride away from the small town of Knaresborough. We had planned to go rowing on the river but of course - it was inevitably too cold for the boating hire service to be open. Yes, welcome to the great British summertime. But our plans were not ruined. We enjoyed a super large pot of tea (in a tea rooms sourced out and located successfully especially to cater for our soy milk requirements) and we explored the town.

Simplistic, but wonderfully calming. Steff is a friend I value very greatly. We chat and we drink tea and we put the world to rights. Well, no - not quite. I would love to hold a worldly position where putting the rights of the world we live in is a realistic goal that my powers could achieve, but unfortunately I think that no one really has such powers. We are human, not supernatural forces of unattainable superhuman nature. So as much as we try to understand and wish to change behaviours of others, we cannot. We are only responsible for ourselves and that must be enough. There is an incredible power that lies within that responsibility if we were only to wake up and realise it. The ability to love and live and grow doesn't lie in the power of changing others; it lies in the acknowledgement and acceptance of ourselves. Taking responsibility for ourselves - learning what we want and knowing that it is within our power to achieve that. Surely that is enough :)

So yes. I like thinking, and I like that others inspire me to think.
Here are some pictures of our day

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