Sunday, 3 June 2012

Good things, please come my way

It has been a week since I last posted. Okay, that statement suspiciously resembles something something not to dissimilar to the beginning of a confession session with a priest. Maybe a re-start is in order? It has indeed been a week since I last posted a blog, but it doesn't imply that I have been bored. In fact, life has been anything but boring. I know that often University students feel at a loss when the year has reached an end and endless months of Summer are looming and they feel stuck as to how to fill the months that lie ahead, or maybe feel dread as months of working in a job they don't particularly find fulfilling is how they plan on spending these summer months. I don't know. This is running the risk of sounding pretentious and patronizing so I shall not continue down that route. I really am just attempting to communicate how fortunate I feel that I don't dread these coming months because my job bores me, and I don't feel stuck as to how to fill them due to lack of a job and lack of interest in anything but 'hanging with friends'. I am fortunate because I am able to fill life with things that I love. I have people I love and trust, I have a job that allows me to experience things I will otherwise never know, and I have a mind that is open. Of course these are the 'positive' things I am thankful for. My innermost thoughts sometimes provide a somewhat deeper dissatisfaction, but I believe that this is deeply rooted in my past, and I write here about 'life as we know it', not as we used to live it. Of course it plays it's part in the present, but yes. I feel content at this moment, so this is what I write about.

If I attempt a good update I really run the risk of just listing what I have done - which takes me back to the 'boring' factor; it shan't be fun to read. Since the purchase of my new iPhone I have become somewhat addicted to the instagram app. There is nothing quite like being a snap happy person and taking pictures to capture the moment of whatever you may be doing and wherever you may be. Moments never repeat themselves and there is something quite spectacular in the ability to visually capture a certain time and thought. Even the same space in the sky will never look the same twice. A person's face changes and grows ever so slightly each day. Really, nothing stays the same. Momentarily, something can be overwhelmingly beautiful, but the entire world is constantly adapting, moving, growing, ever changing. Some refer to this as 'living' :)

So this is why I have become accustomed to enjoying taking even more pictures than usual. I suppose a picture so very eloquently speaks many more words than I feel able to write, while still maintaining a certain air of visual mystery because each individual being is inevitably bound to interpret the same picture in a different way. There we have it again; no two moments are ever the same.

Anyway - before I ramble too much about the value of photographs, I shall perhaps put my week into words as opposed to just uploading a stream of pictures in the hopes that they do the talking for me.
I shall, of course put a selection of pictures here soon. Just not now. For now, I am exhausted and laying in bed writing this blog post from my iPhone. This week we have said hello to the month of June and ironically waved a sad farewell to the beautiful sunshine we were graced with for a little while. I have tried incredibly willfully to not wave goodbye to my optimistic mood in the process. I have done various shoots and shows - going from shooting with alpacas (which, by the way - are beautiful creatures!) to shooting an editorial in a factory location with an awesome team. Graduate fashion shows, location shoots, lots of train travelling, and fitting in friends and Gossip Girl DVD watching in the time in-between.

This is a week that I love my job. I do. I'm feeling optimistic and I am reminded why I do what I do. Despite sometimes being on a train or at a location and absolutely having lost all sense of where on earth in the country you are and where you are going next. Disorientated I believe is the term used for that feeling.

Life is ever so precious. I wish I could write more, but I must sleep. I'm tired and my brain cannot focus on coherently writing because my eyes want to fall asleep - they are desperately begging for me to allow my brain to rest. I have 2 days off now, and I shall hopefully do some more writing, see some friends and relax.
Yes. It is the month of June now. Good things, please come my way :)

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  1. YOU time sounds like a necessity.
    The only reason I want an iPhone is for that reason..
    I just don't seem to be able to drag myself into technology that way.
    But I agree.
    In all you have said about pictures and snaps in moments.
    So much love and hope I see you guys soooooon ,3