Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Tanyetski the Russian Pixie

Yesterday's shoot took us to round 2 of the mystery location shoot we began a couple of weeks ago. We returned to the beautifully old and derelict theatre that would have been quite cold and miserable were it not for the exquisite, amazing, lovely team we had working on the shoot. So much thanks, if they ever stumble across my writing. So much thanks to you all for these two days.
People like these remind me why I do my job.
I had particularly wonderful chats with the make up artist, Lois.
I always find the lives of others absolutely fascinating to learn about. People from all walks of life have such stories to tell.
Even in Japan I was once reduced to tears as a Japanese photographer let me into the history of her life when she spent a period of time travelling through France with an old circus family. She showed me her work from her French travels and to hear her stories, despite the language barrier, was inspiring.

Lives are so precious, and each life tells a different story. I don't just mean the biology of life, breathing and living, but I mean the connections we make and relationships we form. I hope that one day that my life can be as inspiring as so many others.

But for now - here are a few pictures

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