Sunday, 3 June 2012

Sunday morning, rain is falling

Yes, the title is indeed Maroon 5 lyrics. 'Songs Of Jane' - perhaps still one of my favourite albums to listen to. Beautiful lyrics, lovely melodies and tone, beautiful men, and the album is continuous - almost inviting the listener into a personal story of the writer. I like the continuity and progressive element it provides. And not to mention, this particular song is absolutely fitting to this morning. It is Sunday, I am sat in my living room still in my pyjamas at 11am, rain is smoothly falling outside the window. It's not aggressive, not dampening the mood, not 'depressing' (as the term is oh-so loosely thrown around), it's actually somewhat relaxing and comforting. Nevertheless, I still have the curtains drawn and the heating on as I sit on the sofa watching Gossip Girl, catching up on all things internet related, drinking, and happily painting my nails since I now have two days free from shoots and such.
I made the perfect soy coffee, followed by an iced fresh lemon juice hand made by yours truly. I shall enjoy the rest of the morning, and hopefully the rain shall be all rained away for this afternoons coffee/tea with the ever so lovely Steff.

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  1. The most recent series of GG just finished!
    So much love for that show !! :D

    Enjoy your day of rest my lovely.
    And maybe some lovely cakes you made just for the Queen ;) hehe