Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Planning, living, loving

I suppose this is one of those updates where I inform you of the happenings of my week - the usual, work, play, life, perhaps a few friends, coffee, (of course) and maybe the odd exciting location or inspirational person thrown in there for good measure.
This is exactly what the post is.
I have been working; shows actually, which is somewhat unusual for the 'shorter' model (aka 5ft 10 and below!) but it's cool. Good to work on shows because as boring and mundane waiting around for hours and hours on end becoming increasingly hungry, irritable, and tired, it's good to catch up with other girls. They make me want to travel again, and re-fuel my love for life. There have been lots of graduate shows and also did a show for Fendi. That was pretty nice.
I'm currently typing as I'm sat on the train heading to the agency for show castings again. It is a long day, implying that a lot of caffeine is required. But it's cool. It's all cool. The sun is shining and I have done the stressful part of my day so now all I have to do is travel and talk and walk. Easy.
One thing I am currently contemplating is summer. Summer, travel, work, and the fact that I must do something. I must live. Well, I do live. But I must continue this.
If there's one quality in others that really frustrates and disinterests me, it's those who plan and never 'do'. Those who appear to have aims and passions but never commit. Those who forever 'admire' from the sidelines but never live and really love.
What the hell is the point in wanting so much, investing so much time in plans and thoughts? In being so desperately unhappy and dissatisfied but not moving an inch to attempt to bring about change. Even bringing others into plans, only to shy away. I refuse to be one of those. I will not allow myself to adopt that manner of living. It's not really living at all, it's viewing from the sidelines. Perhaps even from the very edge of the cliff, but it's not really living.
I refuse to return to life in a few months time and not have a new story to tell.


  1. Here, here, Miss Beetham, here, here!!

  2. I just want you to do whatever is best for YOU - your health and happiness <3