Monday, 31 December 2012

An ending of the year

Today is the last day of the year 2012. Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of our lives..
Tonight I will be bringing the year 2013 in with Mark and I am really looking forward to this celebration.
This Christmas period has been spectacularly lovely. It's amazing how empowering and uplifting a change of mindset can be. It's not always easy to remain focused on the good, but this focus has given me quite possibly the best Christmas I could have wished for. I've spent an entire week at home with my family in Harrogate spending good time with my mother and each one of my siblings. We even took a day trip to London yesterday to enjoy Christmas number two with our grandparents, London cousins, aunt and uncle. Of course, time with family can be a little intense at times particularly if you don't live at home with the family any more. Dynamics and relationships change and people grow up. But I chose to embrace and enjoy this week. And that's exactly what has been done.

I returned back to York a few hours ago with my suitcase and bags of goodies feeling very, very grateful for many things. Mum even prepared an additional bag of treats for me to take with me, and we went to buy lots of food to fill my fridge with, so I really am feeling loved and thankful. We had our traditional Christmas Eve night in a bar in Harrogate with good friends drinking and catching up on life. And I am pretty certain in my conclusion that this Christmas has been about graciousness, giving, and love. Afterall, what is life, if we are not gracious, if we only take and not give, or if we do not have love in our hearts?

When we begin a new year, for most, it is a time of somewhat nostalgic reflection, of gratitude and appreciation, and of hopes and aspiration. It seems right for me to share a few of my thoughts. This year, I have learnt that it is fascinating and oddly ironic, the insights that looking back in hindsight can provide. And I am learning that there is an incredibly delicate fine line between what is a calculated risk and what is a damn silly decision.. I have also discovered that letting go is a valuable part of growth, but that goodbyes are quite possibly the most difficult yet profound way to manage these times of letting go. I know that I greatly value what people can offer. I believe that people and humanity are what keeps this world moving and keeps human spirit alive. This is the reason for me knowing now, that I will make the most of all the goodbyes I have yet to make. A good note to end on, is perhaps the most personal of the year. This is the year I have found positivity and goodness, and I shall take these with me always and share them with all.

Happy New Year to one and all x

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