Monday, 10 December 2012

Florence: All this and heaven too

As I wrote on Wednesday evening, one of my assignments was submitted and I packed an overnight bag to go down to London for a couple of days. Day one, I met up with Amy and we went to see Florence & The Machine at the O2. Mission Florence happened!! I had never been to the O2 before and I think Amy can vouch for my rather excitable little face when we were exiting the tube station and could see the outside of the building lit up in the nights sky! Amy and I chilled in the afternoon and went for dinner before watching the show. Ahh, Florence was simply exquisite. She is a red-head, so naturally I have already developed quite a love for her and her music. Seeing her play a show and feeling the atmosphere was something quite special. Her energy is so boundless and youthful, yet her words have such meaning and depth, and she has this certain voice that can almost raise the rooftops above and beyond the stars. This free spirited soul combined with lyrics that are far more than just words thrown together overnight, and an undeniably honest and beautiful voice all make for what was a breathe-taking performance. I am lucky to have shared this experience with Amy, and as we discussed my usual 'profound' blogging style, I think she may read this post! So, my darling one, when you do read this blog, here is another thank you for having me at your place to stay the night. You are the kind of friend who doesn't judge me on how many sweeteners I take in my coffee, and yes that may sound a little silly but for me, it's about unconditional acceptance, and isn't this the foundation of what friendships and people are all about?

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