Sunday, 2 December 2012

The house of the four winds

I write this as I am on the train; a well known and much spoken about 'second home' of mine. It's approaching 4pm on a Sunday afternoon and the sun is setting, the train is somewhat quiet, comfortably warm, and I haven't any books with me to read so I'm welcoming the freedom and head space this 45 minutes is giving me. I have briefly visited harrogate to see my mum and collect a Christmas tree for my house. I'm currently sat on the train, accompanied by a Christmas tree and a little box of pistachio almond and caramel flapjack pieces.
I feel relatively on top of my work so I've very much welcomed a day of me-time. The train is almost back in York now, so before I attempt to walk back home carrying this tree, I will leave this picture I took earlier. This man looked so peaceful and the winters sun was so powerful. It is unusual for two concepts of such opposition to look so beautiful together.. But here is the moment captured on camera: peace and power in one still picture. The man is reading 'The house of the four winds'

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