Friday, 25 July 2014

A Spanish morning

I thought I would be blogging much more whilst I am here but it seems that I am only writing one, maybe two each week... It must be a sign that other things are occupying my mind, or perhaps just that most days are either spent at castings or outside. Something would be not right if I were to spend days sat inside writing about the life I am living when I am not really living it at all... It is far too hot (and beautiful) to sit indoors and write blog posts. Nevertheless, it is Friday morning (Spanish morning... It is actually 12.25pm so to most Brits it is lunch time) and I have the day off as far as I know. It has been a busy week and despite sleeping for approximately 8 almost uninterrupted hours last night, I still sit here in the apartment on my second coffee wondering why I cannot wake myself up. It is still hot but it is surprisingly grey outside and there is a thunder storm which I think has passed now... Perhaps I am simply a child of the sun (despite what should be a genetically inherited aversion to the sun due to the freckles and ginger hair DNA).

This week a friend of ours from the agency at home has been visiting us in Barcelona and it has been wonderful just to have the time to spend time with good friends. If I take anything from this trip, it is a lesson in living; a lesson in how to relax and how to embrace time for what it is. Before the agency closes for August we had a last dinner and proceeded to barely sleep before shooting the following morning. The shoot was interesting to say the very least... However, a balance of work, friends, beach, drinks, and sunshine has certainly been achieved this week... My brother jokes about my talking about the soul. But the soul is the most integral part of our being and it is good to understand in greater depth what that means. It is definitely the best week so far... I have never been on a work trip where I know I will not be ready to leave.

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