Monday, 14 July 2014

post weekend, pre-casting

Currently I am sat in our apartment about to head out to a casting. I wishfully thought that today was a day off, but we got a call for a casting so we have to head out soon. I would much rather head to the park with a book in the sunshine than attend a casting that I have been instructed to bring a bikini to, but it seems that the Spanish way of living (and working) is a very relaxed process so we almost knew that last minute castings would come up on our 'day off'.

I was looking forward to relaxing because we had the most wonderful and busy weekend with two of my very good friends from England coming to visit. I only knew that Tasha was coming, so to see Mark walk along the beach front with her to meet us was a total surprise. There is something wonderful about friends who travel across the sea to surprise you. We did so much, ate and drank so much.. walked around the city... it has been lovely. The way weekends really ought to be spent. Not the kind of weekend I typically have in England where I work and mostly rush around racing against the clock barely making a couple of hours to spend time with the people that matter. We went swimming in the sea and for the first time in my life I realised how liberating the water can be. There has always been something I hold back; perhaps my breathing or my thoughts or not really allowing myself to swim or feel the movement of the water properly. But yesterday I felt it for the first time. My favourite place here is the beach, with a book, and an occasional swim in the sea. When we are surrounded by beautiful boutique stores, independent cafes, and an abundance of wine and coffee bars, it is not the material things but it really is the simple things that make the difference.

It is half way through the month already and I am sleeping in later, eating dinner later, reading actual non-study related books for the first time all year, getting to know my bearings, and understanding the metro system in the city... I am also discovering and embracing the exotic fruits (no better thing to do as a vegetarian temporarily residing in another country). I am so very fortunate to have spent the entire weekend in one of my favourite cities with some of my favourite people.

Casting time now...

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