Saturday, 19 May 2012

about a mother.

'It doesn't matter whether she hurts or hugs. Separation from the mother is worse than being in her arms when the bombs are exploding. Separation from the mother is sometimes worse than being with her when she is the bomb.'
- Judith Viorst, (The high cost of separation)
in 'Necessary Losses', 1986.

Once again, I write while I should be working.
But this is actually quite topical. I am so close to the end yet so far. The end of second year is in sight. I have to finish my last piece and tidy it all up, then I shall be finished. I have almost reached completion of my five short essays on relating psychoanalytical theory to the self. It's more time-consuming than it sounds. Each short piece it to be joined together to form a 2,500 word essay but it's more like writing five separate essays, really condensing them, and finishing with one piece of writing with five sub-headings, all relating in some way.
It's taking me a while, but I don't mind, it is more interesting for me than analysing the statistics of social psychology research.


  1. I love this! I also really love the way you write, there is something about your writing that intrigues me. :)

    Hope your having a lovely weekend. X

  2. Separation from mothers/ mother figures. Mothers being bombs. Hummmmmmmmmm. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Miss you. XOX

  3. I love the quote you posted and the truth to it.