Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hello sunshine.

Hello sunshine..
I do believe it is now the month of May. Goodness only knows how we are in the fifth month of 2012 already, but we are. Therefore, we (rather rationally) expect love and summer sunshine to be coming our way. Hopefully this is not too much to ask? I type this while sat at the computers on the second floor of my university library. Seemingly struggling to reach the word count for my rather boring assignment, and somehow finding all kinds of worldly inspiration out of the window and up in the clouds of the sky - with the sun peeking through.

It is for this occasion, that I am wilfully encouraging the sun to keep shining by purchasing yet another pair of new sunglasses. Here I am - hopefully not looking too egotistical (this is not the intention!)


  1. Stephens assignment? Arghhhhh, hope its going okay- let me know If I can help with any of it, even though Im out of action study wise do give me a shout if I can help! Nice sunglasses :) xxxxxxxx

  2. Where are those bad boys from?!

  3. Yeees social psych :( thank you!!
    And they are only from H&M x