Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Behind the lens we go

So much to do, so little time, and I just really dislike having to turn down castings because of my glorious mountain of University work. As always. Ever chasing after time. And for what? It's all an illusion anyway: A sometimes lovely, but sometimes cruel, cruel illusion. It is ironic, and life itself is ironic.
Well, let us remain focussed on this post tonight.
I have a new iPhone and I'm very much appreciating the upgrade of camera quality too. It's because of this lovely little gadget that I have been a little more snap-happy than usual.
If you can create a story out of the pictures to follow then please do.
Be creative. Read between the 'lines' as such..
This is a few days of my life, behind the camera lens.


  1. I love all of these pictures Tanya, you have just made me realize why I want an iPhone even more.
    Out of curiosity, do you have plans for what you wish to do after your degree? I kind of wish I had chosen to study psychology next year.

  2. Thank you Jess :D Iphones are brilliant little things.
    I have sent you a FB message - more personal :)

  3. The pictures are amazing and I LOVE Social Psychology! Of all the pictures to notice ;)
    I think if you want/need time out, then you have that choice.
    If you feel you need that, then I support you in all that (not that me supporting you makes the difference :p)
    I truly hope I see you Saturday :)))

  4. I hope I see you on Saturday too :)
    Happy birthday :)