Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Happy birthday

It was indeed the anniversary of my birth last week.
Life is, busy as always. Busy, busy, busy. Madness. When is it ever not!? The day of my birthday was spent at university and then at castings, in the rain, resulting in broken shoes. (shoes which survived Japanese tropical storms!!) Soggy clothes, getting lost, wrong trains, delayed trains, 'odd' taxi drivers, delayed trains.. Rain, rain, and more rain... Yes. I'm sure I am painting a lovely idyllic picture.
I mustn't complain too much. It was a beautiful ending to my birthday. It may have been a challenge to keep smiling throughout the day, but I went home to my family at the end of it (it may have been approaching 11pm!) but nevertheless, I think this was the beginning of my birthday. Of course, the birthday was celebrated in true 'Tanya' style. Quietly, calmly, and quite happily. This has included tea, lunches, and cocktails with a select few special people and I do believe some celebratory meetings are still to come.
I like this very much. This is how I like to celebrate. I don't like to cause a great fuss, but I must always appreciate the smaller things in life. They tend to hold the most meaning.


  1. It sounds like such a wonderful ending to your birthday. I am very similar, I much prefer the calm, small gatherings.