Saturday, 12 May 2012


I am not particularly religious. But I feel blessed today, whatever meaning 'blessed' can possibly hold to a non-religious person. I suppose when I feel this beautiful way, I tend to feel incredibly appreciative of all manner of things; friends, memories, strangers, life.. The sun..
It's almost a mindfully peaceful way of being which of course presents itself and comes and goes in waves of imagination, but nevertheless, is a lovely feeling. Today was the deadline for two of my big university assignments. Luckily I am a little anal about deadlines and was absolutely ahead of the game. I submitted my work yesterday and the day before. Not only has a huge weight been lifted from my entire body, but after spending a week turning all castings down, I was finally able to go to castings at the agency this morning. It was only a morning trip, and i was able to spend the afternoon drinking coffee and catching up with my best friend from school. This was amazing. We hadn't seen eachother for a ridiculously long period of time, but with Kristie and I, we shall never really be apart, not really. We have a kind of precious friendship that you don't often find. It's important to keep firm hold of those friends.
I then went to the theatre with my housemate, as a way of relaxing and celebrating the survival of a somewhat stress-inducing week. And returned home to such a heart warming gift and letter from Aisling, a beautiful, beautiful girl from Ireland with a heart made entirely from gold. Thank you Aisling.
Thank you Kristie
Thank you all
And thank you world x

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  1. So good to document happy thoughts and feelings to look back on later. :-)