Saturday, 2 November 2013

Birthdays, Birdy, and sisters.

It's Saturday evening and I opted out of a stormy night outdoors at a bonfire and fireworks night in my hometown of Harrogate in favour of a night in watching standard Saturday night television alone in my house in York instead.

Not so long ago I posted a quote on my Instagram which said 'stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.' - and this week I am most definitely glad to be living. I had a good morning at my placement and I worked a lot as usual.. But I made the time for so much more than just work and placement. I spent some time with my two beautiful sisters, which is a very rare occurrence. We went on a mid-week road trip to Manchester together and watched Birdy perform with her band. I really adore Birdy's music and the entire gig was just breathtaking from start to finish. The venue was only small but that's what made it so special. It was just us, the music, the lighting, and the atmosphere. There's something about the combination of lighting and live music that really brings life alive. Something changes and it's no longer just music that you've come to see; it's much much more. The evening also bought me together with the lovely soul, Sam who I finally met in person. Nights like that remind me how very small the country really is, and how very precious our connections with people really are.

This week was also Halloween (therefore let the pumpkin carving commence...) the grand six month anniversary of my relationship with my boyfriend, and he also reached the grand (old) age of twenty five. Therefore there were gifts, cards, good food, and good wine involved.

Life isn't static - it's forever in motion. Sometimes I struggle to keep up with the pace and other times I wish more than anything that the pace would catch up with me. I think the change of pace is always a good thing - it's good not to stay for too long comfortably coasting on the middle lane. Life is always moving and changing.. November shall be no different to the rest - I move house, I get a new car, I graduate... It's certainly off to a grand start.

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