Sunday, 17 November 2013

Staring at the sun: Stereophonics road tripping

This past week has given me so many positive things and I am now left on a Saturday evening, completely and utterly exhausted. It's not the kind of exhaustion that comes with being depressed though, this is the good kind. The kind that you feel when life has been so good to you that tiredness is combined with happiness. It's a much nicer feeling knowing that it's not permanent; I'll feel much more human as soon as I've had something resembling more than a few hours sleep. It's the kind of feeling you get after spending time with the people you care about, attending your graduation ceremony, being offered exciting jobs, moving house, etc...

For today though, I shall just share some pictures of our mid-week road trip to Manchester to see the Stereophonics - my birthday gift finally came around! It was something quite incredible.. Kelly Jones, the lead singer, has a voice that I could listen to all day and all night long. It was a really breath taking gig, made even better when Sir Tom Jones made an appearance to perform with the band. It was the best possible way to spend a pre-graduation night - a lovely dinner, great wine, and the Stereophonics, not to mention some beautiful views of the sun over the hills as we drove over.

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