Thursday, 28 November 2013

Documenting life

More time has passed and I don't seem to have documented any of it in this blog. I think I wrote at some point over the Easter/Summer period that my lack of writing was due to the living of life, as opposed to the writing of life. At this point, I think the same can be applied again. Life is very much in full motion - it consists of work, travel, study, and sleep. My diary pages are not big enough any more, and I seem to have completely lost the ability to summon the energy to function without the generous help of at least two caffeine based beverages in the morning. In addition, it's been five days since I saw my house or car in daylight.

It's all good though. Daylight (and sleep) are overrated. I started the new research job this week, met a new client and a new student, and took on two private tutoring students. As much as I'm acutely aware that time is ever of the essence, I am equally (if not more) aware that I am the one who gets to fill my time. It seems that time is filling out rather nicely. Last year I thought that writing a dissertation and final assignments whilst modelling and completing placement hours was the most busy both my email inboxes and diary had ever been. I had no idea what was to come. I still have no idea really.... I'm always curious. Who knows where this will all lead to. I doubt I will ever reach that all glorious moment of 'the end', but I do suspect that I will keep on keeping on - hopefully taking some energy with me too.

The sun rise, as posted earlier, is a very regular morning view for me now..

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