Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Graduation day

Friday afternoon last week saw all the graduating students of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences attend the graduation ceremony at York Minster. I have to admit to not allowing myself much time to prepare - both my outfit, and my mental preparations. Buying a new car and moving house, amongst a multitude of other things meant that my mind was noticeably preoccupied and my body was undeniably exhausted. So when the moment hit me on the day, (as most of the time they do!) it really hit. It was such a wonderful day of family, friends, and celebration (in the form of much enjoyed wine, mainly!). Despite having my gown fall off my shoulders every time I moved, and the rather spine chilling distinct lack of central heating in the Minster, it was a beautiful ceremony. 

As my family and I were walking over to the University in the morning to collect gowns and eat cake, my Mother said to me that it would be nice to meet the people who've been part of my life for three years, and some who will continue to be part of it for the next three years. She asked if she'd meet my friends and see the University and meet my lecturers and tutors. The answer to all her questions was 'yes'. And I realised that this is a part of my life that continues to be no longer just a small part, but a huge significant focus of my life, and I was introducing my family to not only my life but to some of the most inspirational people who've played an invaluable and integral role in my learning and my career development. I am a great believer (mainly based on experience) in that our greatest learning tools are the people around us. The people who stand next to us in the queue for morning coffee, the people who sit next to us in lectures and take notes and contribute to discussion. And of course the people who stand in front of us and share their expertise and knowledge. It was a real privilege to celebrate not only my own achievement, but the achievements of the group, and to celebrate that with each individual who has played a role in my learning and process.

I am now hopeful for my MA graduation... (and perhaps even a PhD)...

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