Friday, 8 November 2013

Remember remember..

Amongst the rollercoaster of activities and happenings of this week, the 5th of November has also graced us with its fireworks  and bonfire delights. This is the night of the year where the majority of us typically dress ourselves head to toe in coats, hats, scarfs, and Wellington boots. Armed with sparklers and cameras we venture out in the dark to a bonfire where we stand, eat toffee apples, and watch an almighty firework display. All in the name of Guy Fawkes.

Well, it wasn't quite that exciting but it was very lovely nonetheless. But I did break what's become my usual tradition of attending the Harrogate stray bonfire and chose to experience Roundhay Park in Leeds instead. Most definitely impressed. I also was pleased to take a couple of pictures of the impressive fire and then put my phone back in my coat pocket and thoroughly enjoyed the firework display.

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