Tuesday, 19 November 2013


Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that I am indeed a great sun worshipper. Not the kind of worshipper who cannot be seen in the public domain without a tan; I doubt that those value systems would bode well with my fair freckled skin and ginger hair. I am the kind of worshipper who almost falls in love with the light, the power, and the freedom of the sun. It's the greatest natural anti depressant I know of, and it holds such great power in creating the most beautiful views of the land and sky.

Needless to say, words failed me when I realised that my new commute means that my drive into York in the morning means that I will be driving right into the sun as it rises, and again back into the sun when it sets on my way back home. Both of which provides me with a front seat view of the greatest natural 'show' I think I've ever witnessed; the sunrise and sunset. Perhaps I'm just focusing on the positives of this rather lengthy drive, but quite honestly, these views and this feeling is something that will enable me to get out of bed each morning.

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