Tuesday, 20 May 2014

'your freckles look great...'

There was no other appropriate title for this post - direct quote from Bryony yesterday morning regarding the impact of the sun on my fair redheaded skin! It has been ridiculously peaceful and beautiful outdoors for the past few days. The sun has been shining and it seems to impact the world and take away from the heaviness that often comes with the pressure of living life. The weekend was spent mainly in the garden working on research and reading (borderline sloth-like habits since I left the house only once!). Today was Monday and it was spent at research meetings and then with a good friend out in the sun on a spontaneous afternoon off. I should not spend time in the sun really - I have a burnt face and a multitude of new freckles which evidence my behaviour this weekend quite spectacularly, but wonderful company and the warmth has lifted the weight of the world significantly. And a few more freckles gathering on my face and hands is never a bad thing in my books.

We have assessments at Uni tomorrow, and I am in disbelief that this means we are on the straight and narrow to the end of the year. This does mean, however, that I must turn the lights off and rest before the morning

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