Monday, 12 May 2014

Humanly speaking...

The decision to move my Saturday students to during the week, and to free my weekends up for any activity I desire was an incredibly wise decision on my part. It might have been the best decision I've made since I decided to apply for my post grad. It means that my Saturdays are now available for the things I choose to do. Granted, at the moment I have my research to do, and my assignments to work on, and lessons to prepare. However, the difference now is that I can do this from home. I can sleep in if I wish, I can drink as much coffee as I like, and I have no one to answer to but myself. As my good friend says, I can live like a sloth for the day if I wish...

I have done just this, and it has been peaceful. I have read a lot; background reading for some case studies I am writing, and also a lot of philosophical, feminist, and existential perspectives on what it means to be human have been absorbed into my being. I have spent two days straight immersing myself into the work that I choose to do. Ah, and then some wine this evening. Work and wine.

It is impossible for me not to share some words I found this weekend. Emmy Van Deurzen is interviewed and speaks about her life experiences, what led her to her existential philosophical beliefs and values, and her approach to psychotherapy and what it is to be human... In essence, when we are stripped of facades and the armour and uniform of the roles we assume each day, we are left with ourselves. Ourselves - the core of who we are. That is what matters

'Humanly speaking, it matters. It is important that it's real. And I can't be so much in role that I forget to make it real and to make it matter' 

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