Thursday, 8 May 2014

Who we are

'All that you touch, you change'
- Octavia Butler

Sharing some words before the day really begins, although it seems like it has begun already judging by the amount of emails that keep arriving in my inboxes. This week (and it is not even the end of the week) there has been a phenomenal amount of email exchanges; I suppose that happens when your work life knows no boundaries.

Anyway, I am hopeful that the day shall be a good one. I am planning some tutoring lessons this morning and quite enjoying the luxury of the 'work from home' method (well, the 'work from home' hour or so before I leave!). I have a research focus group this afternoon in York and then a trip to Leeds to teach cognitive psychology and strategies for memory improvement - and yes, I wish to goodness that this subject had the capacity to breathe more life into me! All my students have their exams very soon, and I am certain that I am carrying a little pressure for them.

The reason for my sharing the words above is that the more I work and travel and meet new people, (in every area of my life; personal, professional, whatever capacity I am in) I am struck by the connections I make and the impact we have on each other's lives. We carry with us a great amount of power, whether we fully acknowledge it or not. We carry power, and with that power comes the ability to really impact whoever we touch. After a really good lecture this week about power and oppression (this was really in a social context) I have been thinking about personal power and the power we carry with us by simply being who we are. As human beings, we are powerful creatures and we don't always realise that the language we use, the way we carry our bodies, the clothes we wear, and the small decisions we make day to day are all expressions of who we are. And who we are impacts the other

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