Thursday, 30 June 2011

'The graceful'

Oui oui, that is apparently moi! As the Boss blog says with my new Paul Jones pics:

Day eight in Japaaan.
I'm actually really happy today. Perhaps I am settling in more, or beginning to find my feet. Or maybe I just enjoyed having a day off and getting out of my apartment. Or it could be because last night I had the best sleep I've had since I got here. I didn't wake up every half an hour due to insane heat in the apartment, because the girls helped me fix my air conditioning and it's now at a much cooler and live-able temperature and I can actually sleep. So I slept last night for a good eight hours only disturbed a couple of times by the traffic going on outside.

This morning was spent chilling and reading, then I decided to do some exploring when I was told there was no castings today. So I got my map out and took the subway into Osaka center. It's huge. Actually, more than huge. I wanted to find the Osaka Gardens and some places near there but decided not to because it was so busy. So I found myself wandering around and eventually found a Starbucks. (yes, every single country I have visited ALWAYS has a Starbucks available! Although I don't think many can outshine the wonderful Starbucks I found in Istanbul city center with outdoors seating on a balcony overlooking the water. Pretty incredible!) So anyway, today -  sat down, ordered a cup of tea, took out my journal, my sketch book and had my thoughts and wi-fi. Pretty content me.

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