Monday, 20 June 2011


It's a pretty well known fact among my family and friends that I adore Robbie Williams. Him, the way his songs are composed and written, his life, the way he presents himself to the world. I think he is beyond brilliant. It seems fitting that I listen to his albums while I begin my packing for Japan. I'm feeling rather strange tonight. This is partly because I am missing my weekly dosage of Glee (I am a self confessed lover of this genius musical and theatrical television series!). It was the season finale last week, so there is not much on TV tonight. Good timing actually, since I only have one more day left in England for the rest of summer.

Currently I am packing and realizing that I am not half as materialistic as I used to be. My goodness, if this was a few years ago I would have freaked the hell out at the thought of leaving for a few months and having to pack for this length of time while keeping within a twenty three kilo luggage limit. But right now - I seem to have grown away from that 'need' to have my possessions routinely attached to my side. Maybe I have finally realized for myself that I can indeed survive and enjoy life's wonders without certain rituals and rules. Despite having a half packed case, very limited understanding of the Japanese culture, food, and work, zero knowledge of the language, and not having a clue what will happen, I am incredibly excited for my trip.

The unknown is often more exciting than the known. The reason being, because we cannot prepare too much. There is no way of predicting the outcome based on our pre-decided ideals. Our only choice is to live, learn, and embrace.

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  1. Live, learn and embrace. I like that. I like you ;)